The Starlight Lounge was hopping!

Well friends & neighbours, our Seedy Release Party was a big success: sold-out full house, lots of happy people, and a full dance floor!  We never said we were a dance band, but people danced anyway.  Go figure.

Thanks Sheron, Lorna and Dianne for the decorations, watching the snack table and taking lots of pictures & video. 
Thanks Howard and Alice for tending the door and the merch table. 
Thanks to the folks at the Elks club, who patiently watched a bunch of crazies turn their Lodge into a slightly-worn old-time piano lounge.
Thanks Rick at 29th Street Music School for the lights--didn't they make those mirror balls look fabulous!

And especially, thank you to all you good people who came out to help us celebrate our little project.  We really appreciate your support.  Hope you all had as much fun as we did.

Keep spreading the Steel Wound Sound!

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