Time goes on, things change.  Everything comes from something and goes to something else.

Our friend and partner, Rod MacDonald, bassman extraordinaire, continues his healing journey, and he will play with us again at times, but he has left the lineup as a regular member.  We wish him all the best in the future, and we thank him most sincerely for all that he has done in the past.

For the present and for our future, we are pleased to welcome multi-instrumentalist Brian McMahon to our line-up as our go-to bassmaster.  Brian (Mr McMusic for years of students) taught music and high school band for...decades.  He plays trombone, sax, guitar and bass with the Legendary Lake Monsters, and plays stand-up bass with a number of jazz ensembles.  Brian brings a wealth of technical expertise and a barrel of enthusiasm (along with a heavy schedule).

Lots of fun to come!

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