A bolt out of the blue for a shot in the arm

Well, friends and neighbours, sometimes things happen unexpectedly that give you a real boost.

I opened my emails one morning this week to see a message from Kevin Quain.  Those of you who have been to Steel Wound shows will know that Kevin Quain wrote the great song 'Catch You in the Rye', and he was kind enough to grant us permission to record it on our CD 'Last Dance at the Starlight Lounge'.

Here's what he wrote this week:

"I'm here at Mad Bastard headquarters in Toronto and I have iTunes on shuffle.  Steel Wound just came on, and I wanted to let you know it sounds great; lots of heart & soul! 
"I think it was All New Buddha's Blues that came up on shuffle, but I gave the rest of the record a good listen and really liked how pure and simple the production and arrangements are. 

Hope you're well, 

At the risk of being immodest, I had to share that one!

Thank you Kevin Quain for the kind words of encouragement.  Thanks to Andrew and Zachari Smith at Lake Studios for their fine production work to capture the Steel Wound Sound...check our Music page for the tunes. 

And thank you to all of you who come out to shows to support live music! 

For more about Kevin Quain, check out his sites:

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